Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who am I

Hy everybody,

I am Cris lazer and i have a Labrador of 2,5 years now.
We had Jamie ( our Labrador) sins he was a pup.
We had a lot of troubles with him and we almost gave him away because of his misbehavior.
So i decided to give him one more chance and i start searching the Internet for a good way to train Jamie so we could have a nice time with him because we really adored him ( the quite little pup he was ).

So thats the reason i build this blog to help other people out so the can have a great time with there dog cause in the end they are Great friends and it would be a shame if you just can't enjoy it because he/she just don't listen.

Toilet Training Dogs Made Easy!

A important thing when u have a new dog is to start right away with toilet training.

This article i used for my dog and it worked pretty well

Toilet Training Dogs Made Easy! 4 Solid Proof Steps to Toilet Train Your Dog FAST!

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Dove Cresswell Dog training course experience

I had a lot of trouble training my dog in the last couple of years.
He chew on all my furniture and i couldn't lose him out of my sight for 1 minute without him destroying the whole house.

I searched the internet for a long time and tried a lot of different things but just nothing seemed to help until i found the dog and puppy training course by Dove Cresswell.

She really helped me a lot with being happy with my dog again cause i almost get rid of him because all the trouble.
That's why i recommend everybody who has troubles with their dog to take the Dove Cresswell Dog training so they can enjoy from there dog like they should.

for more information go to her site and see for yourself if it could be helpful for u. 
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